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Inventory By Video

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Video Inventory.

Video Inventory of Rental Property is a services set up in order to clarify the condition of a property before a tenant enters and after a tenant vacates a property. Historically dispute between both parties arise leading to retention of part or all of a deposit. In turn a dispute can and will be issued by either party with the RTB.

The RTB.

The RTB was established in 2004 on foot of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). The RTB is an agency of Government with statutory powers. The central role of the RTB is to support the rental housing market and to resolve cheaply and speedily disputes between landlords and tenants, affording protection to both parties without having to resort to the Courts. According to the RTB their mission is;

“To develop and support a well-regulated residential rental sector in Ireland for the equal benefit of landlords, tenants and society at large through the provision of a high quality national register of tenancies, the provision of modern professional mechanisms to resolve tenancy disputes in a timely cost-effective and equitable manner, and the provision of information and advice which enhance the knowledge and understanding of the sector”.

Our experience having attended a number of disputes, in the absence of before and after evidence by either party can lead to an unfair outcome along with the loss of valuable time and money. Video Inventory will help resolve disputes between landlord and tenant before a dispute is issued, and if a dispute is issued by either party, video inventory will help the adjudicator make a more informed decision.

How does it work?

Both tenant and landlord agreed to have an up to date video taken before the tenancy agreement is signed and keys handed over.

Prior to signing a tenancy both tenant and agent for the landlord will go to the property with an up to date video of the property for the tenant to confirm the content of the video is correct at that date.

A clause will be added to the Terms & Conditions of the Tenancy Agreement which is then signed and dated by the tenant in the presence of the landlords agent.

The tenant and landlord will then be given a copy of the video.

After vacating the property another video will be carried out, a tenant will be informed of the time and date of the video recording and can be present if they so wish (This usually happened within 3 working days of vacating the property).

If a landlord is of the opinion there is damage to the property or substantial cleaning cost have incurred, both parties can then review the before and after videos which should bring an amicable end to the matter before considering the options of “A Dispute Resolution” with the RTB.

If the matter cannot be resolved both landlord and tenant will have a copy of the before and after video inventory for the RTB Adjudicator to make a more informed decision.