Nest Lettings:

Choosing the best agent to let through is more important than you might think. We have over 10 years of experience that ensures we offer the most comprehensive service to our landlords and tenants. Some of the reasons include:

* We let the highest amount of property in our market.

* You only need register with one agent.

* We are local property specialists.

* We handle all offer negotiations.

* We are regulated by The IPAV & IPFMA.


* We listen to our landlord requirements and provide an exceptional service to all our prospective tenants to find their ideal property and to ensure a smooth transition between both parties.

* We understand how important it is for you to understand and agree to the legal documentation that you will be required to sign and it is for this reason that our tenancy agreements are written in plain English with an easy to follow format.

* You are given ample opportunity throughout the referencing / tenancy administration process to question any paperwork or procedures and we will always provide a professional and honest answer.

* Our up to the minute tenancy agreements clearly detail all the information you require and more importantly outline how your deposit will be held and finalised at the end of your tenancy.

* We always recommend that a full independent inventory is taken to protect both parties for a record for accuracy.

* We have an extremely good record in relation to successful deposit finalisations and work with both the tenant and the landlord to finalise deposits to everyone’s satisfaction in the shortest possible timescale.

* Our highly experienced Property Management team are all based locally, a Property Manager can be at any property within 30 minutes in the event of an emergency if required.

Marketing strengths

Securing an early tenancy as a result of good comprehensive marketing can minimise the void period and the associated loss of rental income. Nest invest heavily in both the press and internet advertising in order to generate constant enquiries from potential tenants, working towards getting your property let as quickly as possible.

Does the agent care about who they let my property to?

At Nest we believe that selecting the right tenant is just as important as securing an early tenancy and maximising the rental income. This will reduce later potential issues with rent arrears and disputes at the end of the tenancy.